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    Our JIL Melbourne
    Our JIL Melbourne
    We are a church under the banner of Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide Ministries. JIL is non-sectarian, Full Gospel Christian Ministry whose main objective is to bring all people closer to the living God regardless of religious affiliations, Race and Colour through the Saving, Healing and Delivering knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a Church who are developing people to Spiritual Maturity through Bible Studies, Small groups, Discipleship and Leadership Seminars, Camps and other Intensive Training Courses.
    We believe in equipping every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents that God gave them.
    We believe in empowering every member to involve themselves for a personal life in the world of Missions.
    We believe in the Power of Praise and Worship demonstrated through dynamic singing, dancing, accompanied by musical instruments that can lead us through the Presence of God.
    We believe the Effectual fervent Prayer is the backbone of the Church.