Our vision

A glorious church evangelizing and discipling Filipinos and all the peoples of the world through teaching, preaching and living-out the full-Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The JILCW is a channel of GOD’s divine transforming power through the HOLY SPIRIT, manifested in the daily CHRIST-like lifestyle of its members.


Glorious church

Blameless, without spot, without blemish; a bride of CHRIST ready to be raptured



Preaching the Gospel with the goal of winning souls



Equipping the believers to become like CHRIST


Manifesting CHRIST-likeness in all areas of life: personal, family, school, work, business, community, nation, etc.

Scope of vision

Scope of the Vision

The JILCW is passionately committed and wholly devoted to the Vision entrusted by the Sovereign GOD. It endeavors to reach the fulfillment of the Glorious Plan of GOD by bringing the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to all parts of the world. Thus, the all-encompassing scope of the vision of the Church covers its Micro and Macro Vision.

    1. Micro Vision – all geographical territories within the Philippines

    2. Macro Vision – all geographical territories outside the Philippines